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          Aluminium Ingots

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We export Aluminium alloy ingots such as LM2, LM6, LM25 / A356.2, LM9, ADC12, AlSi132, AC2B etc. for gravity (GDC), pressure (PDC), low pressure (LPDC) and sand die-casting. We Export Aluminium alloys to  International specifications such as IS, BS, JIS, DIN and ASTM as well as proprietary alloys as per our customer needs.


Aluminium Product Details

Product details

Alloys are produced as continuous cast or mold cast ingots.

The products are stacked and strapped into bundles of various sizes. Depending on the particular production source,

our foundry alloy ingots are supplied in weights of 5-6 kg, and bundle weights can range from 500-800 kg.

Most used alloy groups:

  • ADC12

  • ADC6

  • HS1

  • AC4B

  • LM24

  • LM6

  • HD4

Aluminium UBC Scrap

HMS 1 & 2


Copper Cathode

Import At Dubai


Asva Impex Co Ltd.

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